Claritia Slide

Claritia as a Dark Angel

Claritia was a Dark Angel she is currently a Neutral Angel. She is the daughter of Lucifer and Bente, sister to Exalta.


As a Dark Angel, She had long raven black hair with glowing orange eyes that according to Bellestia, "Glowed and flickered like fire", she also had large black feathery wings. As a Neutral Angel, she has gray, smokey eyes and gray feathery wings. Her hair and most features stayed the same during the tranformation. During the time as a Dark Angel she wore a black and blue grecian style dress with knee-high black boots. As a Neutral Angel, she wears a black leather strapped corset with a blue shirt and, a black skirt with the same boots.


 She is very kind and forgiving. Claritia ran away from the underworld because of her mother and father. She hates the darkness and now fights on the "good" side. She isn't really afriad of much as seen when Musa ran at her trying to kill her, she simply laughed. 

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