Linsay is the 5th born child of King Stephan the 1st and Artemis. She looks to be 18 years of age but is said to be at least over 2,000 because she says in Book 3, War Clouds On the Horizon that she has 3 sharpen sets of fangs. Linsay is Vampire, Werewolf, Werecat, Animagus, Dragon Rider, and Demi-God.


Linsay in formal attire while in Vampirum (Pre-Miranda's Attack)


      Linsay has pale blonde hair and forest green eyes when in human form. Her eyes turn crimson red when in vampire form and she growns 3 sets of sharpened fangs on her top jaw. In Werewolf form, she has blue eyes with cat-like slits pre-transformation and when she transforms she has gray fur with a thick black stripe of fur running down her back towards her tail, her eyes stay forest green however. In Werecat form, she is a lioness with green eyes. 

Example of a Lioness


 Linsay is shy and fair at some points but if pushed to her limits, can lash out and make rash desicions. She is very protective of the people she trusts around her and, as seen in Evan's character, is willing to give second chances. 

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